FairTale GHANA’s Shea Butter: Ethical Sourcing That Makes a Difference

Wondering how FairTale GHANA transforms Shea butter into ethically sourced goodness? Let us share the heart and purpose behind our mission.

Our Adventures in Ghana

Traveling to our village, located in the farthest reaches of Northern Ghana, far from the convenience of more accessible Shea butter sources, is quite a journey. A common question we encounter is, “Why go the extra mile when there are easier options?” Our answer is: “We do this precisely because the women face these challenges.”

Let us explain. Yes, our village is a tough spot to get to. From the rough, unpaved roads to the village’s secluded location and occasional electricity shortages (which can delay our Shea butter packing for days), we encounter it all. Moreover, the long and challenging journey, including the arduous roads leading up to the Burkina Faso border in Northern Ghana, significantly inflates transportation costs, making our venture even more difficult and expensive.

However, despite the obstacles, we’re committed to making the extra effort. We firmly believe this journey is worth it! After all, we source premium Shea butter from the African savannah region while also contributing to a sustainable income for these amazing women. It’s truly remarkable, isn’t it?

Our Mission: Fairness and Quality

FairTale GHANA wasn’t created to make a quick buck. Our goal from the day one was to prove that ethical business isn’t just possible—it’s the best way to do business. Our mission is simple – lift up communities and deliver fantastic top-notch to our customers.

We believe in partnering up with the women owned cooperative, is the key to the better more equal world. Women, who understand their families’ needs best, are empowered when they have control over their work and their income. We pay them a fair price for their hard work – a price they determine, one that they’ve told us significantly improves their lives.

And even though they ask a way higher than what the industry usually pays, we consider it a small price to pay for the love and dedication these women put into each batch of Shea butter. We also believe it’s time for everyone to raise their prices. Sadly, countless women worldwide are still denied fair compensation for their work. We are committed to leading by example, fairness and quality are our guiding principles – it’s as simple as that.

A Team Effort

But our commitment to fairness extends beyond Shea butter production. Let’s take a moment to recognize everyone involved, from the truck drivers who transport our products to the packaging team who help us prepare each order. Because every contribution matters in bringing our Shea butter to your doorstep.

As you know, FairTale GHANA is all about empowering women, but we also want to support local artisans. That’s why we’ve ordered some souvenirs from Accra’s art center and included a little gift for you in some of our Shea butter boxes! Some lucky customers of ours have already received many of them:) We will continue with this tradition because it brings us joy to go to the market and also order from local artisans. We hope the warmth of this gesture makes you smile when you open your Shea butter box.

These gifts are something small from Ghana, handmade with love, and they support local families. We believe they fit perfectly with our venture – a symbol of the unity and interconnectedness that defines FairTale GHANA. So, each box of Shea butter you receive directly impacts the livelihood of a family halfway across the globe, and we are here for it!

The Birth of FairTale GHANA

Curious about our origin story? Read about my journey from Northern Europe to Ghana and the birth of FairTale GHANA by clicking here.

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We are so grateful to have you with us on this journey. Every single one of you is amazing, and together, we’re making a positive difference in the world.

Warm regards,

Kai-Liis Lepik Founder, FairTale GHANA