SHEA BUTTER – Food for Skin. Fuel for Thought.
ETHICAL TRADE – The Beauty of a Balanced Business.

SHEA BUTTER - Food for skin.
Fuel for thought.

Millions of women across rural Africa have employment and peace of mind thanks to Shea butter. Our butter is mostly produced by widows, women in the harshest economical condition. Like all moms around the world, women in rural Ghana share a common dream  – to provide for their families and kids.

This is why we are happy about every single client! For each client who chooses FairTale GHANA, more women in the world can live independently. And you know it’s true what they say, when women are empowered the world changes.

ETHICAL TRADE - The Beauty of a Balanced Business.

FairTale GHANA was built to embrace two goals: to support rural Ghanaian women in earning fair wages and spread the magic of raw African Shea butter. We are on a mission to connect producers and consumers. Just like you, we believe in fair business where both parties take home the benefits from their product. Simple.

We believe that every action – small or big – have a significant impact in making the world better. Together with you, we are ready to prove that ethical success is possible.

SERIOUSLY SUSTAINABLE - We love our planet.

Our Shea butter cooperative in Ghana, West Africa is located in the best place in the world for the wild Karité trees to grow. It is a clean environment, free of chemicals and pesticides. This means that FairTale GHANA’s Shea butter is also free of anything dodgy. It is sustainably produced and traditionally handcrafted from start to finish. Just like it was done a century ago. And a century before that.

Shea Butter - Magic in a Nutshell

Shea butter is made from the nut of an African Shea tree. The butter is a cherished ingredient in cosmetics and cooking. It’s also highly acclaimed for its moisturizing properties.
FairTale GHANA’s unrefined Shea butter is traditionally handcrafted and 100% natural. Our butter is more than tree high in vitamins A, E and F. It is also lusciously full of good fatty acids. And what’s even better? We promise you never to refine our Shea butter. This means that our Shea butter will always be full of all the yummy vitamins your skin thirsts for. From newborn babies to grandparents – this raw butter will pamper and hydrate the skin in the most luxurious way.

Health in a Handcrafted Form

Unrefined butter is the most precious form of Shea butter. To keep all its healing properties snugly intact, it takes time to make and skills to do it just right.

How can we be so sure we get the most superb stuff into our bags?
To start, our Shea butter is always handcrafted and it goes through the least amount of processing possible. Our Shea nuts are picked, dried, and then pounded to release the rich plant butter inside them, all by hand. Just like it was done a century ago, and a century before that.


Historically Heavenly

For centuries, people have relied on Shea butter to keep their skin young and healthy in all weather conditions. The healing powers of the butter have been legendary. From annoying insect bites to the scorching sun, the butter has remained a sought-after remedy in most everyday situations.
Shea butter gets mentioned in nearly all African historical documents. Did you know that according to a legend, Cleopatra demanded that large jars of Shea butter traveled with her wherever she went. We can definitely get behind the idea of natural beauty being celebrated for centuries!
Today, Shea butter is fighting wrinkles and making people smoother kissers both near the equator and the poles.

Raw Handcrafted Shea butter from Ghana
FairTale Ghana Ethically sourced Baobab oil 50 ml Cold pressed 100% natural Handcrafted

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Join us on this journey of positive change: where quality meets ethics!


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NGO Mondo -
Who They Are & What They Do

FairTale GHANA’s partner NGO Mondo’s vision is a stable and caring world, where everyone has a possibility for decent standards of living. Mondo supports people living in vulnerable situations and raises public awareness about the world’s problems and their possible solutions.

Mondo has been supporting education in Kongo village since 2009! Thanks to them 145 kids in the village are in school, who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

FairTale GHANA would not have happened without Mondo’s support and belief. They have 100% of our trust.

Check them out:

Global Shea Alliance -
Who They Are & What They Do

Global Shea Alliance is a nonprofit industry association that promotes sustainability, quality practices and standards for the use of Shea in food and cosmetics.

GSA is focused on supporting rural African communities and facilitating women’s empowerment by strengthening the Shea industry and its value chain.

Global Shea Alliance’s goal is to improve the livelihoods of rural African women and of their communities and help to preserve the African savanna. Read more about them on

Kai-Liis Lepik Founder of FairTale GHANA

I want to build a company that can do good and still be successful as a business.

Ethical business means being part of a movement that’s already taking the world by storm. For me, it makes pure sense to join the ride. It feels 100% natural.

Susana Sampamdoug Chairwoman

I keep an eye on our local operations, making sure the cooperative is running smoothly. Offering the best, highest quality West African Shea butter for our clients is our priority! I promise that the Shea butter we ship our of our cooperative is of the highest quality possible.

We are proud to keep our centuries old traditions alive and we know that we are able to do it only thanks to our clients who appreciate natural products! 

It is our dream to grow our business, so that future generation could also have the opportunity to use the authentic Shea butter.

I am a mother of three, so it is important to me to be a roll model for my children and also see them succeed! I wish the same for every woman and their sons and daughters in our village and in the world! 

Every customer brings a smile to our faces and we wish you all the blessings in return!

Susana Sampamdoug


Tembire Aduabono Women's Gold Preserver

At our Shea butter cooperative I am responsible for making sure that our Shea butter is packaged perfectly. The right packaging is very important! We want to make sure the healing properties of Shea butter are as powerful when the customer opens the package, as they are when we first make the product.

Shea butter cooperative in our village has brought us all a lot of relief! That is why I am hoping that in few years the production is so big that it won’t fit in the rooms :) 

I am a widow and even though I live with my husband’s family, who help to raise my 4 daughters, it is not easy to be a single mom. Before we started producing Shea butter my income came mostly from growing and selling corn and millet at the local market. Thanks to Shea butter I am able to provide good education for all my daughters and that is the most important thing for me.

Wherever in the world you open your Shea butter, I hope you’ll like it as much as we do! 

Tembire Aduabono

Rose Asonge Heart of Our Shea butter Cooperative

Rose is our HR manager :) She knows everyone in the village and with every problem one might have, you can be sure that Rose finds a solution! 

Rose is always a happy woman whose greeting dance brings happy tears! Like many elders in the village, Rose does not know her exact age. She is guessing between 70-80 years old. She does not feel like she is getting older, but remembers that she has seen many farming seasons. Due to her husband’s death while the youngest child was very little, she has raised all her 5 children by herself. She is also taking care of her 4 grandchildren whose mother died by giving birth to the youngest. Regardless of all the challenges that life has thrown at her, she is still excited and full of life: “I’m happy that I had an opportunity to take care of my children and grandchildren. I am sure they are doing well and one day they will take care of me! And that is the most important thing in life.” 

Rose also says that our Shea butter production will grow at least 5 times in the next few years. Let’s hope she is right! ❤️