SHEA BUTTER – Food for Skin. Fuel for Thought.
ETHICAL TRADE – The Beauty of a Balanced Business.


SHEA BUTTER - Food for skin.
Fuel for thought.

Millions of women across Africa have employment and peace of mind thanks to Shea butter. Our butter is mostly produced by widows, women in the harshest economical condition. As all moms around the world, women in rural Ghana share a common dream  – to provide for their families and kids.

This is why we are happy about every single client! For each client who chooses FairTaleGhana, more women in the world can live independently. And you know it’s true what they say, when women are empowered the world changes.



ETHICAL TRADE - The Beauty of a Balanced Business.

FairTaleGhana was built to embrace two goals: to support Ghanaian women in earning fair wages and spread the magic of raw African Shea butter. We are on a mission to connect producers and consumers. Just like you, we believe in fair business where both parties take home the benefits from their product. Simple.

What is ethical business? To start, the butter makers need to start receiving their fair wages. And this is where you and I come in: we can all start with paying attention to where our Shea butter comes from. This is a light but a powerful step in making sure that those involved receive their fair share. Our partners, women in Bolga, own their company thanks to tiny Estonian NGO Mondo, who guided them establish it. And women get paid justly. This is the reason why our Shea is more expensive. And it stays that way.

We believe that every action – small or big – have a significant impact in making the world better. We are ready to prove that ethical success is possible.

SERIOUSLY SUSTAINABLE - We love our planet.

Our factory in Ghana is located in the best place in the world for the wild Karité trees to grow. It is a clean environment, free of chemicals and pesticides. This means that FairTaleGhana’s Shea butter is also free of anything dodgy. It is sustainably produced and traditionally handcrafted from start to finish. Just like it was done a century ago. And a century before that.

Shea Butter - Magic in a Nutshell

Shea butter is made from the nut of an African Shea tree. The butter is a cherished ingredient in cosmetics and cooking. It’s also highly acclaimed for its moisturizing properties.
FairTaleGhana’s unrefined Shea butter is traditionally handcrafted and 100% natural. Our butter is more than tree high in vitamins A, E and F. It is also lusciously full of good fatty acids. And what’s even better? We promise you never to refine our Shea butter. This means that our Shea butter will always be full of all the yummy vitamins your skin thirsts for. (Up to 95% of natural vitamins are removed in refining process. We cry at this, but it’s true.) From newborn babies to grandfathers – this raw butter will pamper and hydrate the skin in the most luxurious way.

Two Steps to Recognizing an Unrefined Shea

First take a look at the color. The color of raw, unrefined butter ranges from cream to grayish yellow. This depends on the nuts used. Keep in mind that pure white Shea butter is highly refined and has probably lost most of its healing properties.

And now snub your nose in it! Unrefined Shea butter has a smoky and nutty aroma, which is absent in all other grades. This smoky scent comes from nuts being roasted over the fire. Mmm… It’s exactly the way we like it!


How to Use This Magic

  • Let Shea butter protect your skin from the environmental damage, against the harsh winds and cold;
  • Allow it to naturally moisturize you (Ah, it’s so perfect for those sore lips and cracked heels!);
  • Use it for restoring the natural shine of your hair;
  • Mix it into your own hand creams, lotions and body butters.

Important to Know: Always read your Shea label with care. “100% Shea butter” does not automatically mean raw or unrefined Shea butter. A product can be made with ultra-refined Shea butter and still be considered 100% Shea butter, as long as no other ingredients have been added.

Check out the Shea butter grades under our fact stack.

Health in a Handcrafted Form

Unrefined butter is the most precious form of Shea butter. To keep all its healing properties snugly intact, it takes time to make and skills to do it just right. How can we be so sure we get the most superb stuff into our bags?
To start, our Shea butter is always handcrafted & it goes through the least amount of processing possible. Our Shea nuts are picked, dried, and then pounded to release the rich plant butter inside them, all by hand. Just like it was done a century ago, and a century before that.

Our Shea butter is free of any harmful chemicals and has been kept away from all refining and chemical processing. It truly is 100% natural.

Good to Know: Raw Shea butter is a very stable plant fat. You can use it for a very long time without worrying about it going rancid. Just store in a dry and cool place and there’ll be nothing to worry about.

Historically Heavenly

For centuries, people have relied on Shea butter to keep their skin young and healthy in all weather conditions. The healing powers of the butter have been legendary. From annoying insect bites to the scorching sun, the butter has remained a sought-after remedy in most everyday situations.
Shea butter gets mentioned in nearly all African historical documents. In Cleopatra’s Egypt, caravans were carrying jars of it solely meant for cosmetic use.

Did you know? According to the legend, Cleopatra demanded that large jars of Shea butter traveled with her wherever she went. We can definitely get behind the idea of natural beauty being celebrated for centuries!
Today, Shea butter is fighting wrinkles and making people smoother kissers both near the equator and the poles.


Just the Way You
Need It


We are selling a top-notch Shea butter and everyone who’s part of the production is earning fair wages. Ethical business means being part of a movement that’s already taking the world by storm and this is why we get gigglingly happy about every single client!❤️️

Our Shea butter is available just the way you need it, both for retail and wholesale purposes. Plus we have added famous Baobab oil to our store! Baobab is another miracle tree from Africa and of course the oil, squeezed from seeds has TREEmendous superpowers! #facts

Please contact us if any questions.


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Fuel for Dreams! Every Textbook Counts!

FairTaleGhana partner NGO Mondo, tiny Estonian non-profit organization, has been supporting education in Kongo village since 2009! Thanks to them 145 kids are in school, who otherwise couldn’t afford it. And the great results are visible! We have many talented kids going to universities! And the graduation percent is 100! It’s explainable, these kids work hard for their dreams, they know its their only chance! Some graduated from universities and are back in the village, now teaching the next generation! I mean what could be more awesome than that!

We want to support and be part of this amazing transformation!  Click here, to find out how to be part of this beautiful journey! Together we can make a difference! And who knows, we might change someones future!

After-School Activities

There’s an entire world out there after the school day is finished. There are always more skills to learn or new ideas that need testing in real life. When someone voices their dream out loud, we sit down together and think of ways how to make it happen.

Whether it is a girls’ club, a boys’ soccer club, staging plays in the local culture house or organizing a handicrafts fair – we lay down a plan to get there, and start moving while having fun. If you want to be part of our amazing journey stay tuned on our social media sites! Instagram & Facebook

NGO Mondo -
Who They Are & What They Do

Mondo is an independent organization devoted to development cooperation, global education and humanitarian aid, which has been active in Ghana since 2009. FairTaleGhana would not have happened without its support and belief. So they have 100% of our trust. Mondo’s vision is a stable and caring world, where everyone has a possibility for decent standards of living. Mondo supports people living in vulnerable situations and raises public awareness about the world’s problems and their possible solutions.

I, as well as Mondo, believe that the best way to empower women is to create opportunities and jobs so that they can decide what to do with their own income! They know better than any foreign NGO how to use their income. Besides women don’t need help, they only need opportunities.

The organization runs mostly on donations and costs are kept low. We have many amazing projects coming up with these beautiful and passionate people, so keep an eye on our social media sites for new adventures to kick off!
Check them out:

Global Shea Alliance -
Who They Are & What They Do

Global Shea Alliance is a nonprofit industry association that promotes sustainability, quality practices and standards for the use of Shea in food and cosmetics.
They are focused on supporting rural African communities and facilitating women’s empowerment by strengthening the Shea industry and its value chain. Its goal is to improve the livelihoods of rural African women and of their communities.
GSA helps to preserve the African savanna. The association strengthens African companies through the exchange of information and best practices. GSA’s mission is to design, develop and propose strategies that underpin a competitive and sustainable Shea industry across the world.
Read more about them on

Kai-Liis Lepik Founder of FairTaleGhana

I want to build a company that can do good and still be successful as a business.

Ethical business means being part of a movement that’s already taking the world by storm. For me, it makes pure sense to join the ride. It feels 100% natural.

Susana Sampamdoug Chairwoman

I am the one making sure the freshest and purest Shea butter is prepared. I also keep an eye on our local operations, making sure the factory is running smoothly.

Tembire Aduabono Gold preserver

I am happy to be responsible for making sure the our Shea butter is packaged perfectly so that even after shipping from Ghana to USA, our Shea butter is still fresh!

Rose Asonge Heart of our factory ❤️

Rose is our HR manager :) She knows everyone in the village and with every problem one might have, you can be sure that Rose finds a solution!