BAOBAB OIL – The Superstar Of Natural Skincare

You probably already have proof of the amazing skin care powers of Shea butter. But did you know that Africa has another magical product in store for your skin? Get acquainted with Baobab oil!

It probably comes as no news that oils are the food that your skin craves the most. Be it coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil – they are all fantastic! And basically make your skin feel like a baby’s bottom. But do they have the superpowers granted by God himself?

Baobab oil has TREEmendous superpowers!

Legend has it that when Baobab trees appeared on Earth, they felt sad about the way they looked. You know, as if their roots were growing upwards, while the other trees stood there all pretty and green. (If you haven’t seen a Baobab, do google it. They look amazing!) To make up for their strange appearance, God decided to give the Baobabs some extraordinary powers.

And what superpowers are we talking about? Let’s just say that the Baobab fruit is the unofficial super fruit of Africa. It contains high levels of vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fibers. And these are not just fancy buzzwords. These are all minerals that give your health and vitality a vital boost.

Get happy-drunk on nutrients

When we say that Baobab oil helps to rejuvenate your skin, we can also offer you proof. This oil is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids that enable healthy tissue regeneration. If applied regularly, the oil will stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis under your skin. In other words, Baobab oil is the superfood your skin thirsts for! Fun fact: it contains 20 times more antioxidants than green tea. Add a high consistency of vitamin C into the mix and voilà! You’ve got yourself an astonishing botanic cocktail that makes your skin happy-drunk with nutrients.

Still Not Convinced About Baobab Oil Yet? Let’s Dive Deeper!

It is a lightweight, fast-absorbing oil that leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids, like oleic and linoleic acids, it helps restore your skin’s natural barrier. This is especially beneficial if your skin has been exposed to harsh environmental factors, such as the sun or extreme weather conditions. Baobab oil is also your ally if you have sensitive skin. Its calming properties reduce redness and inflammation, making it gentle enough for all skin types. Baobab oil is a true gem in the world of beauty.

Baobab Oil for Hair

Now, let’s shift our focus to your hair. Baobab oil works wonders here too, providing much-needed moisture to your locks and scalp, promoting overall hair health. It also reduces breakage and split ends, leaving your hair soft, shiny, and oh-so-healthy.

Make Baobab Oil Your Beauty Essential

In summary, Baobab oil is a multitasking wonder that should be a part of your daily beauty regimen. Whether you’re looking to hydrate your skin, keep it healthy, or pamper your hair, Baobab oil is the answer.

Mother Nature at Your Fingertips

Our Baobab oil is cold-pressed from seeds and then filtered, ensuring the highest and purest quality. It is completely natural and does not contain any added preservatives or unwanted chemicals.

Ready to pamper your skin and hair? Explore the beauty benefits of Baobab oil in our web store by clicking [here]. If you’re interested in crafting homemade body butters, we’ve got some easy recipes for you right [here]!