Why raw Shea butter and not the refined one

We only produce raw Shea butter.

Raw natural Shea butter in western world is rare. Unfortunately most of this vitamin-rich butter gets refined. Why, one might ask? Because, it is the easiest way to reach more clients! Many cosmetic companies prefer refined Shea butter for the reason that it doesn’t have the nutty smell. We can understand that but as a matter of fact up to 95% of natural vitamins can be removed in refining process! And additionally refining often includes bleaching and deodorizing! For the same reason – just to make the butter softer and whiter and to remove the nutty scent that we love so much. Keep in mind that snow white Shea butter is highly refined and has lost most of it’s moisturizing and healing properties! We cry at this but it’s true.

For that reason we believe in our venture so much! That is the purpose of our small company, to support the local women in their struggles to keep their traditions alive! For that reason FairTale GHANA’s Shea butter is always handcrafted in traditional style without any refining or chemical processing. It is 100% natural and full of good fatty acids and vitamins A, E and F that your skin thirsts for. We promised to our clients at the very beginning that we will never refine our Shea butter.  We will always ship it out from our factory in Northern Ghana exactly the same way as it has been used in Africa for centuries. And it stays like this!

2 Simple Steps For Recognizing Unrefined Shea butter 

First take a look at the color: the color of raw butter ranges from cream to grayish yellow. This depends on the nuts used. Pay in mind that pure white Shea butter is highly refined and has probably lost most of its healing properties.
And then snub your nose in it! Unrefined Shea butter has a smoky and nutty aroma which is absent in all other grades. The smoky aroma comes from nuts being roasted over the fire. Mmm… Just the way we like it!
Always pay attention to how your Shea butter is produced. Whenever possible, prefer raw (unrefined) Shea butter! Because as we said earlier: Raw is not the new real! It’s the only one!
It is equally important to know that raw Shea butter is a very stable plant fat. Which means it can be used for a very long time without any worries of it going rancid, just keep it away from heat and direct sunlight. If your Shea butter happens to melt and then cools down too slowly it might turn grainy. But no worries read from here how to fix it ;)

Grab your pouch of our RAW Shea butter from the nearest shop for you!