At FairTale GHANA, we are committed to producing only raw Shea butter.

You might wonder why we are so passionate about this choice. Well, here’s the scoop: In the Western world, raw natural Shea butter is a rare gem. Unfortunately most of this vitamin-rich butter gets refined. But why? The simple answer is convenience. Refining Shea butter removes the nutty smell, making it more appealing to a wider range of clients, especially in the cosmetics industry.

But here’s the catch: Up to 95% of the natural vitamins found in Shea butter can be stripped away during the refining process. Moreover, refining often involves bleaching and deodorizing, all in the pursuit of making the butter softer, whiter, and odorless. However, this snow-white Shea butter loses most of its moisturizing and healing properties, a fact that saddens us deeply.

This is precisely why we are so passionate about what we do. Our mission is to support local women in preserving their cherished centuries old traditions. At FairTale GHANA, our Shea butter is always handcrafted in the traditional style, without any refining or chemical processing. It’s 100% natural and brimming with good fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, E, and F that your skin craves.

From the very beginning, we made a promise to our clients: We will never refine our Shea butter. We will always deliver it from our Shea butter cooperative in Northern Ghana exactly the same way it has been used in Africa for centuries. And we stand by that promise!

2 Simple Steps For Recognizing Unrefined Shea butter 

  1. Check the Color: Raw Shea butter ranges from cream to grayish yellow, depending on the nuts used. Beware of pure white Shea butter, as it is highly refined and likely lacks most of its healing properties.
  2. And then snub your nose in it: Unrefined Shea butter has a smoky and nutty smokey aroma, that is absent when Shea butter is refined. That delightful smoky scent comes from nuts being roasted over an open fire. Mmm…just the way we like it!

So our suggestion is, always be mindful of how your Shea butter is produced. Whenever possible, choose raw (unrefined) Shea butter because, as we’ve said before: Only Raw Is The Real One!

And remember, raw Shea butter is a very stable plant fat. It can be used for an extended period without worries of it going rancid. Just store it away from heat and direct sunlight. If your Shea butter happens to melt and then cool down too slowly, it might turn grainy. No worries, though; you can learn how to fix it here.

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