Raw Shea butter benefits for your skin

Natural raw Shea butter benefits are countless!  For a start, Shea butter contains vitamins A, E and F, all of which help fight off premature wrinkles and facial lines. Vitamins A and E are particularly beneficial in keeping your skin healthy.  Vitamin F protects your skin and helps it heal. Shea butter truly is “Magic In The Nutshell”!

The list of raw Shea butter benefits is basically endless, the most  famous are here: 

  • Shea butter is highly moisturizing. You can forget dry skin for good!
  • Shea butter fights wrinkles, it is also called vegan wrinkle remover;)
  • protects your skin from the environmental damage and calms irritated skin.
  • Shea butter softens skin, it heals cracked heels and softens dry cuticles. 
  • Shea butter prevents and cures stretch marks and also restores skin elasticity
  • has anti-inflammatory properties, therefor relieves the symptoms caused by various microbes. 
  • Shea butter is the moisturizer for babies! In fact it is the only thing you need to hydrate your baby’s skin. It’s gentle, nourishing and effective! Shea butter beats all the diaper rash creams out there;)
  • In its natural state Shea butter contains moisturizing fatty acids and cinnamic acid, which provides a small amount of UV protection, equivalent to (sun protection factor) SPF 6.

Not all Shea butters are made equal

Keep in mind that not all Shea butters are made equal when it comes to their quality and efficiency. You have probably heard of refined and unrefined Shea butter. Only unrefined (raw) Shea butter retains all its legendary skin care properties!

Good to know: 

People sometimes tend to confuse the label “100% Shea butter” for a raw or unrefined Shea butter. They are actually far from being the same! A product can be 100% Shea butter if no other products were used in its making, but still be ultra-refined and/or include chemical additives.

It’s the raw Shea butter that’s the purest and the best moisturizer. Just as you keep your foods away from harmful ingredients, you wouldn’t want your moisturizer to be full of toxic chemicals either.

Unrefined Shea butter is particularly valuable since it is a result of a time-consuming, manual process. We only carry raw and unrefined Shea butter at FairTale GHANA. For us, quality is a must. Do you want to see how our Shea butter is made? Check it  out from here: FairTale GHANA Shea butter production !

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