Love at our Shea butter co-op

Get to Know the Heart of Our Shea Butter Co-op: The Makers!

Our Shea butter cooperative is growing! We started with just 10 women and now we’re over 30 strong. What’s even more exciting is that young women, who were initially skeptical, are now keen to join us, inspired by the success we’ve achieved.

There’s a little snag, though. Despite our growth and the increased production capacity, our order volume isn’t quite large enough yet to employ all the eager young women who want to join us. But we are sure that it’s a temporary challenge! We’re hopeful that very soon we’ll receive larger orders, enabling the co-op to operate at full capacity and provide employment for everyone who wants to be a part of this exciting venture.


Local women are the most beautiful, loving, caring and hard-working women I have ever met. They have taught me so much! One of many things I love about the collective is how women run their Shea butter factory for exampl

Working with these wonderful women has been a true privilege. They’re hardworking, caring, full of love, and their spirit of collaboration is nothing short of inspiring. One of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed is the way they run the Shea butter factory. It’s all about teamwork and consensus. Decisions aren’t made until EVERYONE agrees – isn’t that the perfect way to run a business?

Every visit to the village feels like coming home.

What can I say, these women have a way of making us feel special. I still remember the time they painted our Shea butter storage room in the colors of the Estonian flag, as a surprise tribute to our partner Estonian NGO Mondo’s founders and me. It was such a heartwarming gesture!

I think the very least to say is that these women changed my life. I am just incredibly lucky and forever grateful to be part of this amazing group! I invite you to join us by following our story on our Instagram page!