It is easy to prevent and cure stretch marks

Can I use Shea butter to prevent stretch marks?

Absolutely! We have good news for you! It is easy to prevent and cure stretch marks! And there is absolutely no need to purchase expensive creams or lotions filled with chemicals! Simply because nothing prevents stretch marks better than raw African Shea butter.

Shea butter is a powerful moisturizer but the most important thing while you are expecting is the fact that it is 100% natural! ☝️ Because we know that skin is our biggest organ and that everything we put on our skin goes directly into our system. Nobody wants to digest chemicals while the little miracle is growing inside your belly. Unfortunately most store bought lotions are filled with nasty ingredients. Not all of course but be careful out there, read the labels carefully. 

What makes Shea butter so good?

Shea butter is rich with vitamins A, E and F. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant, and it plays a critical role in maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin E, as an antioxidant, fights a host of conditions, wrinkles, and even reverse age-related skin damage. And vitamin F is essential to the growth and maintenance of healthy skin, nails and hair

regeneration. It also provides anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and healing support,helps fight acne, softens the skin, and keeps it young! True miracle! Isn’t it? Keep in mind that only raw Shea butter has truly retained all its precious skin moisturizing,  and healing properties.

How to use it?

Gently massage raw Shea butter on your baby belly to moisturize the growing skin and keep away stretch marks. The most important part – be consistent, remember to treat your skin daily! The goal is  to keep stretch marks away. Pampering your skin after showering or bath is essential! Pure unrefined Shea butter leaves you moisturized, soft, and supple. 

If the nutty smell of raw Shea butter bothers you, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the product. If you want to make it softer you can check out some of our DIY body butters.

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Shea butter anti aging properties are famous all over the world!  Not surprising at all :) Because natural Shea butter contains vitamins A, E and F, all of which help fight off premature wrinkles and facial lines.  Vitamins A and E are particularly beneficial in keeping your skin healthy. For example, they play an important role in helping sun damaged skin heal. Vitamin F both protects your skin and helps it heal. It also soothes rough, dry or chapped skin, and helps soften dry and damaged hair. And the best part – Shea butter is also non-comedogenic! Which means it has a pore-clogging ability of zero, so it doesn’t cause breakouts, clogged pores or pimples. 

Need more pros? Here they  come – Shea butter is high in unsaponifiables (a type of fat). Shea butter contains somewhere between 7% and 12% unsaponifiables. To put that in perspective, avocado oil – another well-known skin conditioner – contains between 2% and 6% unsaponifiables.

It is thanks to this level of unsaponifiables that Shea butter can treat so many conditions. Since Shea butter easily penetrates the skin, allowing it to breathe and not clogging the pores, it delivers its nutritional payload better than other man-made moisturizers.

In addition, Shea butter contains cinnamic acid, which is a natural sunscreen. It even provides a degree of protection from the sun’s harmful rays. You should still wear your sunblock though.

Did you know that according to the legend, Cleopatra was carrying Shea butter with her where ever she went. And she was said to owe her legendary beauty to the use of Shea butter.  The tales of her beauty still exist to this day, and it is no surprise that many cosmetics and skin-care products use Shea butter as a main ingredient. We definitely believe in beauty that stays notorious for centuries!  

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