Kai-Liis’s Story: How FairTale GHANA Was Born

The spark that ignited FairTale GHANA didn’t come from a boardroom strategy session, the journey began unexpectedly with some truly great friends from Ghana I met in New York City. Their stories painted such an enchanting picture of their homeland that my curiosity was sparked.  I decided to trade the chill of Estonian winter for a trip to sunny Ghana, a beautiful country in West Africa. 

Little did I know, I was heading towards a life-changing adventure.

Two Faces of Ghana: From Accra to Kongo Village

Ghana was a land of contrasts. In Accra, the city was pulsating with life – trendy restaurants, glamorous events, and a modern lifestyle. But a different side of Ghana was waiting 500 miles away in the Kongo village. Life there was simple, and basic amenities like electricity or running water were a luxury. 

What struck me though, was their community spirit, and their belief in Ubuntu – an African philosophy which translates to “I am because we are”. It hit me then – our actions can make a big impact, even when made from halfway across the globe.

Back to Estonia and Then Ghana. A Coincidence, or More? 

Back in Estonia, Ghana never really left my thoughts. It felt like something was pulling me back. Then, as if fate itself had planned it, I ran into Diana from an Estonian NGO, Mondo. Now, you should know that Estonia is a small country, and bumping into another Estonian who’s also involved in Ghana – that had to be more than a coincidence. It felt like a sign, a pointer in a direction I hadn’t considered before.

Mondo had been assisting women in Kongo to kickstart a Shea butter cooperative. They had everything in place, except they lacked one crucial element: clients. The challenge was partly due to Kongo’s remoteness. Its location was so isolated that just the logistics of reaching there could discourage any conventional businessman, not to mention the exorbitant transportation costs.

This, right there, was my light bulb moment! I could start a business to bridge that gap, a venture dedicated to ‘Empowering Women Through Ethical Business.’ It wasn’t just a business idea, but a proof that ethical businesses are possible and can ensure producers a fair livelihood! I knew consumers cared about the origins of their products. And just like that, FairTale GHANA was born.

The Uncharted Journey: Shaping FairTale GHANA

Believe me, shaping FairTale GHANA hasn’t been easy! The path hasn’t been a walk in the park, but every challenge was a step forward. Only forward – quitting is not an option because we’re on a mission to demonstrate that ethical businesses can thrive. The coincidences, the twists and turns of this journey, have all pointed to one thing: this venture was meant to be.

A Note of Gratitude: You Make This Possible

I can’t express enough gratitude for this journey and your invaluable support. Your contributions help us continue making a difference in Kongo village and empowering women through ethical business. So, thank you for being a part of our story and mission. Your presence makes all the difference. ❤️

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Kai-Liis Lepik,

Founder of FairTale GHANA